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Katherine’s Story

Born with a giant imagination, 7-year-old Katherine loved to climb trees, play the piano, and take special-effects photos of her family. (That's her mother in the vintage, teacup photo on this page). She also was extremely sensitive to just about everything that no one else seemed to notice, like shadows, vibrations, thoughts and feelings, mosquitoes... She wanted to fit in though, so she kept those things to herself.

Katherine began her career as a business writer and photojournalist. She was going along just fine until life threw her entire family a curve ball. Her only brother committed suicide. She was devastated, not only because of the loss, but because she had sensed that something was awry with him ... and had not done anything about it. She had not known how. 

His death compelled her to learn how to use intuition and imagination for healing. The road from that point has taken Katherine way off the mainstream pathways, into the dark forest nights of soul, and the miracle vistas of love.

Katherine now sees herself as one of an army of creative healers!  She believes that Earth is shifting (sometimes painfully) into a higher vibration of compassion. It will only be from this "common ground" energy that the answers we need for a harmonious world will come.

Meanwhile, Katherine continues to help others access the intuitive, creative wisdom inside their own hearts. She does not climb trees so much anymore, but mosquitoes still love to bite her.  

Education and Experience Summary

Registered, Certified Reflexologist in Tennessee since 2010.

Private practice as an intuitive, spiritual counselor and holistic energy healer from Katsong.com since 2001

School of Life:

Katherine studied energy healing systems from around the world, both privately and with teachers who came into her life. The tools that she uses primarily stem from: expressive therapies, distance energy healing, intuitive counsel, guided imagery, astrology, reflexology, shiatsu, and reiki.

Katherine received her Reiki I and Reiki II attunements in 1998, and became a Level III,  Reiki Master Practitioner in 2001. She is an ordained priest with the Order of Melchizedek, Sanctuary of the Beloved , since 1998.

Katherine holds an MS in Therapeutic Recreation, and a BA in Psychology. Therapeutic Recreation is a clinical specialty that uses activities related to fun, relaxation and leisure to improve health and well-being. Katherine specialized within this field in the use of art, music and drama as therapeutic mediums. She worked in this role for over a decade in mental health facilities, before moving on to her private practice as a spiritual counselor, teacher and healer.