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Client Feedback

  I am always grateful for comments from my clients. Following are excerpts from unsolicited, ​​
private client feedback …  


You ought to call yourself a relax-ologist, cause that's what you do!

I don't know how it works, and really I don't care. I just feel so much better after a session.

 I feel cared for and nurtured, and I believe this is making me stronger.    

My session with you…it changed my life! The next week after my reading, I stood up for myself when normally I would have been stepped on.

I feel better just talking to you.

I was a little afraid to get a reading at first, but I'm so glad now I did. You validated me. I feel like I'm on my right path.

I could feel the swelling go down in my body while we were talking. It's like you have this healing presence, and my own visualization was stronger with you there.

I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help and the insight you have provided me. Many things we talked about make more sense to me now than ever before.

I think I told you, you are the first psychic I ever paid for a reading, and I was pleased… and impressed …by your voice on the tape: simple, clear, great-hearted, very much in tune.

When I seem to be spinning my wheels, I listen again to the reading you did for me – it helps.

"WOW! I just had the BEST session with anyone, EVER! It was totally amazing! Illuminating!! Inspiring!!!

Thank you for calming my soul. 
Truly, I am immensely grateful for your wise, compassionate, creative, fairy tale, cartoon-illustrated assistance to us both! We are better people for having encountered you. And by extension, the world is a better place for you doing what you do!

Thank you SO MUCH. I really enjoyed speaking with you and cannot believe the time went by so quickly either.

I just wanted to thank you for your consultation yesterday. I have been thinking about things you said. I realize you offered me some very deep advice. Also your comments on my problem put things in a different perspective for me.

You are a gifted teacher with a gentle and open manner; it's obvious that you love your work…

Thank you for helping our staff to reduce job stress and enhance our ability to work together as a treatment team

My goodness!!! This has to be the best reading I have ever had!!!! It was so beautiful and resonated so well with me that it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart … and I will follow my dreams

Thank you. This was so deep - it is resonating with me and I am trying to absorb.

The thing I like best about your readings is that you are so clear. It is amazing to me how accurate you are with what you see ...

I am very tickled to hear what you say about my energy field. Your encouragement and insights are deeply appreciated.
  Thank you so much, Katherine. Your insight into what's in my space right now, feels very much in line with how I've been feeling...I think I just needed some sort of confirmation
outside of myself

Thanks for sending me the info on my progressed moon. It all makes sense. Thank you for your conscientious approach to your work!

​I enjoyed the relaxed, easy feeling of the session. Your accepting, non-judgmental energy made me feel very comfortable and safe.