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When I look at your energy field intently, I see colors and what I call  "healing visions." ...
The visions show not only the problem, but also a path for healing, and they tend to be metaphors that your spirit will understand.

Prices and Frequently Asked Questions

Katherine’s current prices for phone sessions are:

30 minutes for $60.00
60 minutes for $120.00
75 minutes for $150.00
$2.00 per extra minute

Please contact Katherine to ask questions, or to schedule a session. 

What do people ask you about, how can you help me?

* You can ask about anything, but for me, this work is an art of helping you to "try on" for yourself whatever you've been unable to reach on your own. When I look at your energy field intently, I see colors and what I call "healing visions." These symbolically explain things about your questions or life issues of current importance. The visions show not only the problem, but also a path for healing, and they tend to be metaphors that your spirit will understand.

* You receive healing energy that relaxes you. When you "visit" with me by phone I treat your energy field using  distance energy healing tools. The effect is similar to having a relaxing walk on the beach, with some "aha" moments included . My goal is for you to experience relaxation, inspiration, confidence and understanding for issues that you were confused about before the session.

* Spiritual guidance, astrological insights, and practical coaching to help you align with your heart's path.  I help you to make better choices by revealing your true values. For example, "should you move to / marry / take a job with XYZ?" Instead of giving a simple yes and no answer to such questions, I will help you to see what would happen if you take a left turn, versus taking a right turn. You can understand "why" something continues to happen in your life (or not). You can change your world by changing your own responses and behaviors. In reality, this is the only way that true change ever occurs, as we cannot change others.

Can you tell me the future?

I use intuitive and astrological information like a weather person uses the satellite report. I can tell you that the signs point to rain, and suggest that you carry an umbrella, but I cannot tell if you will get wet for sure. Why? Because that depends upon you, of course, and how you choose to think and act.

If you want someone to choose your path, you probably won't like my reading, because I'll ask questions that enable you to make your own choice. Even when I see a karmic pattern or a future trend, I will present this to you along with suggestions as to how you can influence it. 

In short, the future is always in your own hands and heart. Even though God and fate do create experiences that we have not knowingly asked for, we still have the power to choose our reaction to it. This choice of how to react and respond to life is a powerful gift, and one that should never be given away.

Katherine's Medical Issues Disclaimer:

In regards to health issues that you may ask about during a reading, please understand that:

I am not a physician, and therefore do not diagnose medical conditions, prescribe drugs, or suggest treatments outside my own specialties. I may, however, refer you to practitioners beyond my own expertise if guided to do so. My clinical specialties (therapeutic recreation, stress management, energy healing techniques, and spiritual guidance) involve the use of activities that may be used safely alongside other therapies. 

What I can offer you is additional insight regarding mind-body connections (see below), and gentle tools that can compliment or strengthen the effect of treatments you are already receiving. If you have a serious illness, I encourage you to work closely with your primary healthcare provider, sharing any new information so that s/he can provide you with the best care in your journey of healing.

What does it mean to have a holistic approach? 

Everything is connected. This means that what we think and what we feel affects what happens to us on the physical level. What we choose to eat, drink and do also affects us on the mental and emotional level. Our work, love life, finance and health are interconnected. If you change one thing, you will touch all the others.

Often it is helpful to find the connections between these areas, so that the problem can be addressed from multiple angles. Sometimes a problem can be more easily understood and resolved when we understand it on a different level than where the symptoms are manifested.

Astrological Insights

As a part of my assessment process, I like to run a natal, progressed and transit chart for those who are interested in astrological energy patterns. I have a method of scanning these three charts in an overlay fashion that "speaks" to me and offers some immediate focus for your session. Please ask me if you are interested in his type of information.