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Relax With Reflexology
Reflexology is a holistic, complementary therapy that creates a state of deep relaxation, helping your body to open its natural, healing channels. Reflexologists apply a gentle pressure treatment to the energy meridians and acupoints on your feet or hands. The technique stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system, which creates a wonderful, mellow sensation of peace.

Katherine may also share intuitive insights and natural, simple ways that you can balance your system. She completes each reflexology treatment by aligning your body’s energy centers (called chakras) through points on your feet or hands. This creates an even deeper, longer lasting harmony within your energy field (aura). 
 Sessions are done while you are fully dressed, except for socks and shoes in foot reflexology. Katherine's reflexology treatments feel like a heavenly massage, and are gentle and safe enough for everyone, including children and the elderly.  

Immediate Benefits...
A Single Reflexology Session Provides:

Profound relaxation

Reduced anxiety and reduction of pain

Increased circulation of blood, lymph and vital nerve energy
 throughout the entire body

Sense of being nourished and cared for

Happy, twinkling feet!

Ongoing Healing
for Chronic Stress or Dis-ease
Regular Reflexology Sessions Provide:

Enhanced immune system functioning

Detoxification, nourishment and revitalization of all body systems,
 thus supporting beauty and health maintenance,
 stress-management, weight loss, and other wellness goals

Complementary support for medical treatments,
 enabling your body and spirit to better tolerate
 surgeries and prescribed medications 

A holistic, gentle pathway for your body to “remember”
 how to feel well again, and to find it’s own natural rhythm of healing.  

An opportunity to learn self-healing skills, as your body gradually relaxes and Katherine helps to "translate" its messages. 

A partial listing of conditions that Katherine
 can help you with through reflexology:

Anxiety and Depression


Auto Immune Disorders

Chronic Pain

Cancer (side effects from treatments)


Digestive Disorders

Heart Disease


Menopause Symptoms

Muscles aches and spasms

Neurological disorders

Smoking addiction

Stress relief and general relaxation


Weight Loss


Client Comments

You ought to call yourself a relax-ologist, cause that's what you do!

I don't know how it works, and really I don't care. I just feel so much better after a session.

After my second session, within about a week, I noticed that I wasn't having my nightly headaches anymore! 

Maybe it's my imagination, but after I got my feet done … I noticed that my back didn't hurt like before. 

 I feel cared for and nurtured, and I believe this is making me stronger.